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ryan montbleau LYRICS 



I should be happy

Prime of my life

Singular wild and free

Nothing out of the ordinary


But I still want to be everything

Have you every wanted to be everything

Sometimes the dreaming gets so overwhelming

So many places, so many places


Take me down to the ocean to the ever-lapping shore

Fly me high in the mountains, where it’s all one open door

Drive me into the city where the crazies come out at night

And I’ll be one of them, I’ll be one of them this time


I should be willing

I should be down for the adventure

Standing up and stabbing westward

On and along the trail

Pick up my things and bail


But there’s so much unfinished

So much open-ended business

And sadness and pleasure so close together

I can’t seem to tell the difference

Better take it all, I guess


Give me Friday night apartments with red-faced tears of laughter

Jumping up and down, drinking happy ever-after

Build a wall of good people and you can’t beat a young man’s pride

So I’ll be one of them, I’ll be one of them this time


Open my eyes and make me wonder

Show me all there is to see

Give me music, give me more people

Dirty magazines and poetry

Give me variety in all its forms

Give me everything, then give me more and more and more

Give me something I can taste, that I can see

That I can feel, that I can be




Variety won’t bring her back to me


I should be happy

Prime of my life

Single and wild and far from free

And bound by all this variety

And now there’s too much of everything

Did I ever really want to be everything

And now the memories are so overwhelming

So many places

So many places where she used to be

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