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ryan montbleau LYRICS 



Skylight’s flashing little flickers of life on the bedroom door

Standing here in my kitchen, last night’s wine on the floor

I could play it off all morning while you stare at the side of my face

But I don’t think that we should do this anymore


Pitter-patter of my loafered feet on the concrete of my block

Errands to run, smiles to greet, another short day in the sun

I’m well and I’m complete as I walk right by your neighborhood

I don’t think that I should go there anymore


Starlight fills my glass and shines on up my eyes

Swill it down, fill it up again and smile, boy, smile

My dreams are spinning around three feet off a bar room floor


High, hungover at the crack of noon, skylight chewing my face

I never woke up so alone, I never stoned myself to such disgrace

Another night has burned another day and what is more

My head and my disposition are sore

I cannot do this anymore


Too many hours to go until the dark day, it turns to night

There’s too much space here, nothing to hold, nothing to write

What I wouldn’t give for a touch or a taste or a cradle of something warm

I’ve got your number in my phone


And when we forget, forget about it

About everything outside these walls

When all of our futures are provided for

By a look and a touch

And a feeling so much

Like we have been here before

As if we’ve known each other for so long

And we look at each other as if we were in love

We cannot do this anymore

We cannot do this anymore


Spin it around, spin it around, see how far it’ll go

Cross my fingers, close my eyes, kiss the girl at the end of the bottle

One time too many and now I’m on my own

I’ve gone outside of the game

Too fast to hold on, too good, too good to let go


Sunlight dries my drink and shines on up your eyes

This is perfect, this is fine, no this is not right

Lovers on the even days, odds are we cannot just move right on

Do we finish the dance

Do we finish the dance

Or get off of the dance floor


We cannot do this anymore

We cannot do this anymore

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