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ryan montbleau LYRICS 



Painting lines and taking down numbers

Fall into a drink at the table in the corner

Making eyes with another perfect stranger

When in steps my mind-- danger danger, danger danger

Worried about starting again


Stepping out of a long and lazy, rainy morning

Fall into a deeper understanding of the story

And these new eyes can only lead me to wonder

About the place that I am leaving

About the spell that I was under

Talking about starting again


I could lay it all down, pick you up in a blaze of light

Rolling over mountains, we could roll around all night

And everything would be alright

Once we get in the car and dive

Starting again


Here among this wooden life and the stacks of unending paper

People are starting to scare me and my insides are feeling safer

Than the outside world and the people I no longer comprehend

I’ve been thinking about starting over

I’ve been thinking about starting again

Starting again


It’s another adventure for the massive understanding

Only time to think about the towns that we are passing

We could read the signs and feel the blood in our bones

And anywhere our hearts are beating we could call our home

And we could start again

We could start again


We could throw it all away and laugh into the light of a new dawn

Laughing at anything, we could grow new eyes and sing new songs

And we don’t ever have to keep it on the inside

Once we get in the car and drive

Starting again

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