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ryan montbleau LYRICS 



Mother Nature sat down at the table
That I had built with my hands
Her fingers folded and listening
To how I'd used the land
And when my voice finally faded
She called upon the rains and the wind
And I felt her prayer from the outside looking in

Audubon had a baby
Gave the birth later in life
Never would have had her as a maybe
Nor as an unwed wife
And when that golden child what born
Perfect and free from sin
I sent my congratulations
Love from the outside looking in

Danger, Danger
Call the fire ranger
The wind doth blow
And we need some help down here
Good intentions
But reckless, careless
Looking to the outside
And stopped looking in

Little girl in the garden
Dancing and it seems like she knows
That she alone makes the sunrise
And makes the flowers grow
And she'll make many more like me
And they'll build a home for their kin
And we'll all stand here in reverence
Smiling from the outside looking in

Man makes a meal out of mankind
Makes it dry where it rains
Man makes his buildings holy
Turns his God into gains
Man looks down at his sisters
Sharing a silent secret
Wondering why he's on the outside looking in

Danger, danger
Beat up the strangers
Fortify the walls and win
Point the finger and anyone
Anywhere we have not been

Heaven waits for the weary
Heaven waits for the kind

Heaven waits for the sinners
And heaven shows up on time
If heaven is what you make it
And that's what this is all about
Heaven's there on the inside looking out
Heaven't here on the inside looking out

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