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ryan montbleau LYRICS 



I would never ask if I didn’t need it

Don’t want to come off wrong or come off greedy

Seems I caught a little of the downer bug

And it messed me up, and now I’m reeling


I tried my best to get out of this hole

But the more I try the less I know

Which way’s up and which way is crazy


Help me

Help me

Trees in the yard, a house and two cars

Mom would make it all better when I came home bleeding

Same as now I guess, safe and sound

And what do I have to complain about


I took my steps and I took my falls

And it leads me back inside these walls

And I scream out loud where no one can hear me


Help me

Help me


And I know my eyes are deceiving

And I know cool rivers are waiting

And I could save the world the trouble

Of taking me later


Help me

Help me

Help me

Help me

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