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ryan montbleau LYRICS 



Maybe I should have been more sensitive

Sat you down slow and held you by your hand

Maybe I should have cried just to show you how much I care

But you’re a full grown man


Maybe it was all just a misunderstanding

But what you don’t say is sure hard to understand

I could have read the signs

I could have read your mind and spoken it for you

But you’re a full grown man


I know, I know the drinks just kept on coming

And the snow poured down like an avalanche

You never act that way, you barely even touched her

No you’re not that kind of person, no

No, no, you’re a full grown man


You and I were never much for straight talking

We can sure smile and flap our gums in the breeze

We can sit in a room for hours

Talk the whole entire time

And never say one single thing


Maybe it’s all about the money

You’ve sure been acting but you’re not known to demand, no, no

And could make it up to you, buy you a shiny bicycle

Take you on a trip down to Disneyland

But you’re a full grown man

You’re a full grown man

You’re a full grown man

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