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ryan montbleau LYRICS 


Show me or shun me

But take your hands from me


Daylight is fading

And I’m tired of waiting

For time to tell


Let go of my hand

Call me your man

Or leave me forever

I am not playing

Just saying

Sweet Abigail


Put up or shut up

My tongue is cut up

But I'll take you down

I have cried over

Your tattooed shoulders

And you got a new one now


Once the ink dries

So will my eyes

And stay there forever

And we will never be more than the way we were


Was a time when you and I were just

Having fun and nothing serious, Abigail

Now we’re wrapped around the sun

Deeper than each other’s arms

And you act like you’re unaware


Have me and hold me

Just like you told me

About the grand design

Your light is blinding

Your skin is shining

And it shines on mine


Just settle down

Stop running ‘round

With hey and whoever

Or we will never be more than the way we were


See the light that’s in front of you, Abigail

You lead the way where they’re wanting you, Abigail

And you take me for a ride

Dig deep down you'll find

It's you and I

You and I

You and I

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