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ryan montbleau LYRICS 


We went playing playing in the park

Bright lights saying it's safe here after dark

I stand amazed

Never thought it was that way


Broken bottles, step around the glass

Come tomorrow swept away again

We'll head downtown

You can get there underground


I was born on a cobbled hill

They say it's gone but it's been rebuilt

They say it's done now, a big disaster

Beg to differ when it's after dark



Waiting for the spark

Time is fading and it's safe here after dark

The world's ablaze

We can dance around this maze


I want to fly like the falcons do

I want to love you a time or two

I want to roll with the distant thunder

Take me out from under after dark


We were born under iron hands

It's never gone it just gets rebranded

Days grow long and the years grow faster

Time is not a factor after dark

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